My Loves

Things i treasure most!

Family AND Friends

Things that make me smile!

Seeing others smile!
Singing ( oke not many pp know this coz i do it when no one’s around ! )
Listening to songs
Eating a bowl of Kimchi noodles with egg and two sausages

* My Dreams *

To be a teacher
Find a nice girl (:
Open a small cafe!

Favourite Singers ^^


Kina Grannis, Alex Goot, Maddi Jane,  Boyce Avenue, Jason Mraz, Wang Lee Hom, Colbie Caillat, Lee Ji-eun, Marie Hsiao, Taylor Swift


2 responses to “My Loves

  1. Woke up this morning feeling like p.diddy. Got my glasses on and fire up my laptop. Googled, chappati & stumble upon this awesome hungryisland wordpress!! I’m gonna head down to azmi restaurant niaooooo!! lol. Thank you so much for the recommendation. Anyway, Jason mraz will be performing this coming nov 17 & nov 18 @ the star theatre 😉 gonna get my tickets soon. Have a good day!

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