A toy story : Lau Fu Zi Fried Kway Teow


It all started with Mdm Kuah’s grandson who exclaimed “老夫子!!!!!” when he saw the famous comic characters placed at the entrance of her stall. The pair was a holiday souvenir from her friend. And Mdm Kuah decided to name her stall after the iconic duo because it’s a name that sticks!


These two figurines have stood like gargoyles watching over the stall, the kitchen’s guardian angels, and business has been bustling with their blessings! Mdm Kuah picked up the skills of frying kway teow from her master who owned a stall at Old Air Port road many years ago. When he retired, she decided to open a stall of her own and has been frying kway teow for nearly 30 years since then. She may look like she’s in her 60s, but Mdm Kuah is already 70 years old! It’s a testament to the fact that if you enjoy what you do, age doesn’t catch up as fast. Mdm Kuah enjoys what she is doing so much that she can’t fathom the thought of retirement!


Mdm Kuah’s son helps out at the stall too by taking shifts to cook. I thoroughly enjoyed her plate of fried kway teow. It was light and moist, not too oily, and i loved the crunch of the fresh hum. It takes a lady to fry a good plate of kway teow!

A happy Mdm Kuah (:


The wait for a plate of Lau Fu Zi fried kway teow can be agonizingly long, with the queue snaking to the back end of the stall. But patience my friend, for good things come to those who wait! Alternatively, just be early!

The Guardian Angels



Address: #01-12, Old Airport Road Food Centre, 51 Old Airport Road

Opening Hours: 10am – 12am


  • Fried Kway Teow – $3

One response to “A toy story : Lau Fu Zi Fried Kway Teow

  1. Love the story behind this. My favorite ckt is at Bukit Merah Central, looks like i’ll have to pay this stall a visit next time i’m in the hood! What lens/camera are you using? Your photos are lovely 🙂

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