The Freshest Putu Mayam: Heavens


I have a sweet tooth and love to start my day with a little bit of sugar. I’m not sure about you, but i still enjoy eating my roti prata with a sprinkle of it. You can say it’s a habit, but with a sprinkle of sugar, i’m reminded of the times when i was a little boy, when my grandma was introducing curry to me. At that time, my tongue wasn’t accustomed to the spiciness of curry, and everytime i was on the verge of giving up, my grandma would give me a little bit of sugar to take my mind (and tonuge) off the spice.


But before my encounter with roti prata and sugar, there was putu mayam and sugar. I loved putu mayam as a child. It’s among my list of nostalgic foods that i miss so much. Sweetness aside, i loved the texture of putu mayam. I was always intrigued by the mesh of white threads that seemed to hold together like an intricate spiderweb. The best way to eat a putu mayam: add loads of orange sugar and grated coconut flesh, and then roll up the putu mayam like a rug, then eat it like a burrito! Well, at least that how i used to do it! ^^


If you’re on a hunt for a bite of nostalgia like i was, then search no further. If you want to eat putu mayam, why settle for those that come in plastic packaging when you can eat them freshly made.

Putu Mayam


Heavens is probably the only place in Singapore you can get freshly steamed putu mayam. To be honest, i was surprised to even find someone actually making putu mayam from scratch! Of course, it wasn’t easy for the owner, Mr Suren, to recreate the authentic putu mayam experience without any reference from hawker masters in Singapore. With a whole lot of trial and error, and equipment imported from India, Mr Suren eventually nailed the recipe and technique of creating putu mayam. Although he admits that he’s far from being a master in the art, i’d say that he’s already close!

Masala Thosai


The putu mayam from Heavens may not look as “neat” as the factory-made ones, but it definitely tastes really good. The white threads are substantially thicker and as a result, you get a putu mayam that’s fluffy and light. It’s best eaten fresh, when the putu mayam is still moist from the steaming process.

Princess Appam


Another must try from Heavens is the Princess Appam. Made from essentially the same base as Thosai, the dish was… heavenly; fit not just for a princess but a king too! Crispy on the edges, and soft at the core, appam makes for a perfect light breakfast. The melted cheese and egg at the core of the appam made the dish all the more savoury. Beats french toast hands-down!

Kudos to this awesome trio!


I’ll definitely be back for more appam and putu mayam despite the long distance i have to travel!


Address: Bedok Market Place, 348 Bedok Road

Opening Hours: 8am to 9pm, closed on Sun


  • Masala Thosai – $2.50
  • Putu Mayam – $2
  • Princess Appam – $3.20

Rating: 4.7 /5


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