Taiwanese Breakfast 24/7 : Yong He Eating House

Geylang isn’t as “happening” as i had imagined it to be when i last took a stroll down its streets. The food stalls were mostly closed, and my friend and i figured that they must be only open at night to feed those hungry night dwellers. Hooray to us for trying to find good food in Geylang in the morning!


Well, our efforts weren’t totally wasted! As a last resort, i brought us to a place i knew operates for 24 hours, Yong He Eating House.


It was a typical lazy Sunday morning when we ate there. The customers were beginning to trickle in for breakfast/brunch/lunch when we began placing our orders. I ordered a bowl of Mee Sua and a plate of carrot cake, while my friend had a bowl of beancurd.


Service was good, contrary to the negative comments floating online, and our food was served within a few minutes. I’ve only been to Taiwan once and i did manage to try the Oyster Mee Sua there. It was one of the most delicious food i’ve eaten that perhaps tasted better than it already was because of the cold weather.


The Mee Sua at Yong He Eating House was comparable to the one i ate in Taiwan in my opinion. The soup was thick and starchy, much like the consistency of shark’s fin soup, and went perfectly with the fine strips of Mee Sua. Instead of oysters, pig intestines are added to the Mee Sua. To be honest, there was more soup than Mee Sua but i still enjoyed the dish very much. To accentuate the flavours of this dish, just dribble a little vinegar into the soup, and it’ll taste even better than before.


The Carrot Cake was something very different from what we find in Singapore. Unlike the Fried Carrot Cake we typically eat, the egg and carrot cake is cooked separately. The carrot cake was pan-fried, and then topped with a layer of fried egg.


Overall, this was my favourite dish. It wasn’t bold in flavours, just simple plain-old raddish cake that’s pan-fried to a golden crisp.


If you’re unsure where to go for a light snack at Geylang, then you can bet on it that you’d get something yummy to eat at Yong He Eating House, any time, any day.


Address: 517 Geylang Road

Opening Hours: 24 hours


  • Carrot Cake – $2.00
  • Mee Sua – $3.80
  • Beancurd – $1.70

Rating: 4.6 /5


One response to “Taiwanese Breakfast 24/7 : Yong He Eating House

  1. This brings back fond memories of when I was in TW about 1/2 a year ago! It’s true that everything there seems to taste better bc of the lovely cool weather haha. We went to Yong He Dou Jiang twice in the same week because although the beancurd is a different style from SG’s, it was really yummy!

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