Another great way to savour oysters: Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake


Oysters aren’t exactly my favourite seafood. It’s slimy, squishy, and tastes literally like a gulp of Sentosa. But over the years, i’ve come to appreciate this delicacy from the sea, not in its raw form of course. So far, an oyster omelette is my preferred way of eating oysters. Admittedly, i enjoy the omelette portion more than the oyster^^ But the oysters do give the omelette a unique taste!


Now if you’re looking for another way to savour your oysters, try Oyster Cakes. This disc-shaped snack is made by dipping a ladle of batter, topped with coriander, minced pork, prawns, oysters and peanuts, into a pool of hot oil. You’ll know when these oyster cakes are ready the moment they gleam  a warm bronze hue.


The coriander and minced pork really helps mask the overpowering taste of the sea, and the batter makes eating the oysters a much less slimy affair. The edges of the discs are the crispest and my favourite part too(: But come to think of it, i think people enjoy eating oysters for the very taste of the sea and the sliminess of it. Ooops! Well, then take oyster cakes as the build-up to the eventual consumption of oysters in its raw form!


As a person who’s not a big fan of oysters, i really enjoyed the oyster cakes from Maxwell. Plus, you can even snack on it while on the move, or bring it home to share, without the worry of it oozing out of its packaging or coagulating when it cools down!


Address: 1 Kadayanallur Street, #01-05 Maxwell Food Centre

Opening Hours: 10am to 6pm, closed on Fri

Prices: Oyster Pancake – $2

Rating: 4.6/5


One response to “Another great way to savour oysters: Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake

  1. As I worked just opposite Maxwell, coincidentally, I tried it just the other day! I have to agree I love the fillings. Love oysters too. But the oil, just puts me off! Haha.

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