Puff from the past: Rolina


The previous time i was at Rolina, i was greeted by a cheerful young man who was in the midst of preparing a batch of curry puffs for the deep-fry. He apologetically told me that i had to wait for a while and i obliged; nothing beats a fresh puff! And i was not disappointed! No doubt, the puffs were not as crispy as i had expected, but delicious nonetheless. In my most recent visit, i was greeted by yet another cheerful man, though much older in age. Who would have guessed that the puffs i was eating that day was made from the very creator of the original Rolina curry puffs, Mr Tham, the man himself!


At first sight, Rolina’s curry puffs look plump; 7 months pregnant to be exact. These little curry puffs each pack a generous filling of diced potatoes, chicken shreads and a slice of egg. It’s a wonder how the thin and soft crust is able to hold everything in>.< The filling doesn’t pack a punch in terms of spiciness, but is definitely still pungent with curry flavour. I’m also glad that the puffs aren’t too oily!


The puffs in their infancy (:


It’s amazing that Mr Tham has been selling curry puffs for more than 50 years. According to Mr Tham, he used to sell his puffs along Thomson road, just outside Novena Church, until the NEA made it illegal for street vendors to operate. “I was selling puffs back when Mr Lee Kuan Yew wasn’t even the Prime Minister!” said the cheerful Mr Tham(:


By the time my short conversation with Mr Tham was over, the fresh batch of puffs he had made was almost sold out. And that’s how he sells nearly 400 puffs a day. For a quick and tasty bite, Rolina’s curry puffs make the perfect snack on the go. Plus, at the pace they’re being sold, you’d be guaranteed a piping hot one too!



Address: 1 Kadayanallur Street, #01-67 Maxwell Food Centre

Opening Hours: 7:30am to 5pm, closed on Mon

Prices: Curry Puff – $1.20

Rating: 4.4/5


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