Sticky Gooey Curry: Beach Road Scissor Cut Curry Rice


Snip snip snip! If you’ve watched the movie Edward-Scissorhand before, you’d recognise that distinct “snip” from one of his fingers as you approach the counter of this popular curry rice shop. The owners behind the counter take the orders fast and waste no time in snipping your side dishes into bite-size pieces with their pair of black metal scissors.


As with every curry rice shops, you have a variety of side dishes to choose from. Typically, the side dishes are mostly deep-fried, other than the braised pork belly and boiled cabbages. A good gauge of the standard of the curry rice stall is from the braised pork belly, pork chops, boiled cabbages and of course, the curry.


I tried all these side dishes except for the pork chop(the chicken chop looked more appetizing!). I asked for the side dishes to be served separately, rather than be doused with curry, so that i could appreciate them in their original glory(: The cabbages were boiled to a tender softness, fortunately not to the mushy kind, and drenched in sweet sauce. Marbled with thick layers of fat and meat, the braise pork belly was a much tastier side dish compared to the chicken chop.


The curry was the star of the dish. I have never come across a curry this thick and gooey other than Japanese curries. The curry was so viscous that when i mixed it into my rice, the rice held so well together that when i tried to separate the grains, i actually saw the sticky “connections” that you’d normally see when you remove a slice of pizza held together by mozzarella cheese!


It may not look like the most appetizing meal, but this beautiful gooey mess is one dish to crave for!


Address: 229 Jalan Besar, Lau Di Fang Coffeeshop

Opening Hours: 11am to 3.30am


  • Pork Belly – $1.20
  • Chicken Chop – $1.20
  • Cabbage – $0.70
  • Rice – $0.50

Rating: 4.75/5


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