Worth the Wait? :華豐麵家 Hua Feng Mian Jia

I was at Tiong Baruh Market recently and noticed a super long queue sprouting from this one stall – Hua Feng Mian Jia. I saw the wait as a challenge and  just had to give whatever the people were queueing for a try! XD As i got closer to the stall, after what seemed like a 20 minute wait, i came to realise that i was queueing up for Wanton Mee! For those who have read my older posts, i’m not a big fan of Wanton Mee, after having many bad memories from the nasty Wanton Mee stall from my Secondary school days. But i’ve left that past behind! Besides, i’ve already spent so much time waiting for my turn to order!


Apparently, Hua Feng Mian Jia opens only 2 to 3 times a week, on random days! I guess that’s more than enough working hours for them considering the number of customers they serve in a day. It was a Sunday when i had their bowl of Wanton Mee. I didn’t know how lucky i was to stumble on one of their random opening days until i went home to search for a review of their stall!


Was it worth the wait? Well, overall, i felt the Wanton Mee was just decent. The noodles were springy and the char siew was firm and slightly charred. I guess what stood out was the generous portion of noodles for $3, and the savoury wantons. I must admit that the wantons were pretty good; each packed with prawns and minced pork, a sweet and juicy combination.


My grandma loves eating chicken feet, and told me it’s essentially just cartilage and skin. After seeing several customers in front of me leaving with chicken feets topped on their noodles, i decided to order a pair for myself. True enough, it was nothing but cartilage and skin. The bones were boiled to the point they were barely holding the skin together. The braised chicken feet did remind me of one of my favourite parts of the chicken, the chicken wing. To be precise, the nearly meatless tip of the wing. I really enjoy nibbling on the tip of the wing to get the tasty bits of skin, and the chicken feet was just as good a substitute!


Overall, i’d say that if you have the time to wait, do give this bowl of Wanton mee a shot. Of course, you’d have to be lucky enough to turn up on one of their opening days first!



Address: 30 Seng Poh Road, #02-24  Tiong Baruh Market

Opening Hours: Sorry but i couldn’t get the opening  hours! All i know is that it opens 2 to 3 times a week, on random days T.T


  • Wanton Mee – $3 (I added chicken feet, which costs $1.50 extra!)

Rating: 4.3/5


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