Fantastic four: Hup Kee China Street Ngoh Hiang

IMG_0842One of the draws of eating Ngoh Hiang  is often the wide variety of fried fritters to choose from. I’ve always enjoyed taking my pick with a pair of tongs, just like how you’d do so for a bowl of yong tau foo. Except that everything you pick will end up going into the deep fry. And with such a wide variety, you’d definitely need friends to share it with. That’s what i enjoy most about ngoh hiang; it’s a meal for sharing!


Unfortunately, as with most of my food adventures, i do it alone:( But i couldnt give the hand-made fritters at Hup Kee China Street Ngoh Hiang a miss! It’s rare to find stalls that actually make their own fritters, especially when it’s much easier to just buy them from factories in bulk. Of course, expect to trade off quantity for quality. You may not get the wide variety of fritters compared to other stalls in Singapore, but the quality of the fritters are guaranteed.


There are essentially four fritters that you must try- Ngoh Hiang, Liver Roll, Chinese Sausage and Egg Slice. We often refer to the whole meal, bee hoon and all the different fritters included, as Ngoh Hiang. Perhaps it’s because Ngoh Hiang is the star fritter. The Ngoh Hiang at Hup Kee is not your average Ngoh Hiang with its grey interior, a result of the five spices put together. The Ngoh Hiang here is red in colour, and this is especially evident before going into the deep-fry, when bright red colour shows through the  translucent beencurd skin.


The Chinese Sausage was something familiar to me, a usual pick when i eat Ngoh Hiang. But new to me were the Liver Rolls and Egg Slices. Both were really delicious! I was afraid that the Liver Rolls would reek of the usual minerally taste of liver, but it turned out otherwise! The minced liver is wrapped with juicy pork belly fat and a vegetable that i suspect to be mustard greens. The Egg Slice was… nothing like egg. Its texture reminded me of cake and tasted somewhat like corn bread! But tasty nonetheless!


Of course, the fantastic four is nothing without a good dip and a plate of Bee Hoon. The Bee Hoon was not too oily, and was fluffy and light, a perfect combination to the crispy fritters. And i don’t know about you guys, but i prefer to mix my sweet and spicy sauce together. It makes a great dip for the fritters!


Address: 1 Kadayanallur Street, #01-97 Maxwell Food Centre

Opening Hours: 11:30am to 7:30pm, closed on Mon

Prices: Ngoh Hiang, Egg Slice, Liver Roll, Chinese Sausage, and a plate of Bee Hoon – $5

Rating: 4.8/5


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