BREADCRUMBS: Food Photography At Millenia Walk!


I was so excited to view the exhibits organised by Dr Lesie Tay from ieatishootipost! It gave me a glimpse into his photography techniques and tips, and i was really hoping to meet him. Alas, i came on the last day of the exhibit and missed out on his lessons ):


Ah well, i’m still really thankful for the small tips i have picked up from his exhibition of street food photography. The exhibition was a very unique one that sought to involve budding photographers. There were four displays of plastic food for people to practice their photography skills. Each display was stunningly realistic to detail! I especially loved the kaya toast display! The runny eggs looked exactly like the real one!


I think it’s fantastic and generous how Dr Lesie Tay is so ready to share his love for Singapore Street food and his secret tips to young street food photographers like mua! yours truly (: Below are samples of what i took with my EOS M. What do you think (:?



In this internet savvy age, it’s time the world behold the beauty and sophistication of humble street foods. Hawker eats are the staple of heartlanders. Affordable, tasty and filling. Everyone has their favourite hawker food(: My favourite is Hokkien Mee!


You know what would be really awesome? That young street food photographers can come together to share their love for haweker eats with each other, maybe form a club or something! Form a National Hawker Food Club i say!!


None of the food above are real BTW!!


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