Good Thai Food in an IT Mall? : A-Roy Thai Restaurant


The last time i had a good bowl of Thai green curry was many years back, in a small cozy restaurant beside the beaches of Phuket. Little did i expect to find one in the heart of Funan Mall while shopping for gadgets!


My family and i were greeted with a gauntlet of prawn crackers minutes after we started browsing through the menu. I thought they were complimentary snacks and jokingly suggested that we should just finish it and leave without ordering anything else. Haha turns out we were charged $1 for it ! XD The sauce that accompanied the crackers was surprisingly very spicy, but i managed to put out the fire with a refreshing glass of lemon grass drink.


We ordered a variety of very typical Thai dishes and without much delay, all the dishes came one after another in less than 30 minutes. That’s what i call a real Thai express! The first of dishes to arrive was the stuffed chicken wings.

Inside the wings


Deep-fried to an inviting bronze colour, the chicken wings were eached stuffed with minced pork to the point of obesity. I swear that if those chickens had been force-fed to develop wings of that size, they won’t even be able to flap their wings. When dipped in the sweet and sour chilli sauce, the stuffed chicken wings make a savoury starter to the meal; a must have!


The fish and prawn cakes were the next to arrive and for $7.80 per plate of two fish/prawn cakes each, i’d say that these two dishes are worth a skip. They’re a little too pricy for something that isn’t outstanding.


I must say that the highlights of the meal were the green curry and pineapple rice. The green curry isn’t too spicy as you would have expected from Thai cuisine. Unlike red curries, the green curry is much sweeter and creamier in consistency, a result of the addition of coconut milk. The green curry from A-Roy is a very generous bowl of numerous ingredients. One look at the bowl and you can already see the generous amount of basil leaves and eggplants put into the dish. I love Thai eggplants! They’re like hobbit versions of the normal eggplants you find. When boiled in the green curry, it becomes soft and sweet to eat. Also in the green curry were slices of beef that were surprisingly tender.

To be honest, i can’t remember what that bowl of green curry i had in Thailand tasted like anymore, but the green curry at A-Roy has definitely set the new standard for me!


And finally, the last to arrive was another dish typically associated with Thai cuisine – Pineapple rice. I half-expected the rice to come in a pineapple but it didn’t..ah well. Other than that, the vibrantly gold pineapple rice was really good! Topped with pork floss, the pineapple rice is indeed a good substitute to plain rice. Unlike other pineapple rice i’ve seen, the pineapple here is finely sliced into really small bits, rather than large chunks, ensuring that you’d get a juicy mouthful of pineapple with every spoon.


We were about to call for the bill when the waiter reminded us about desserts! ^^ We ordered a plate of steamed tapiocas splashed with coconut milk. The coconut milk was slightly salty, which complimented the sweetness of the tapiocas. A must have for desserts.

Overall, although the food at A-Roy Thai Restaurant is rather pricy, the fast service and great food more than makes up for it.



Address: 109 North Bridge Road, #04-06, Funan DigitaLife Mall

Opening Hours: 11:30am to 3pm, 6pm to 10pm


  • Prawn Crackers – $1
  • Stuffed Chicken Wings – $4.90 per piece
  • Green Curry – $14.90
  • Pineapple Rice – $13.90
  • Prawn Cake – $7.80
  • Fish Cake – $7.80
  • Tapioca Dessert – $3.90

Rating: 4.8/5


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