Toasted or steamed? : Old Town White Coffee

Old Town White Coffee is one of the biggest restaurant chain in Malaysia, with its headquarters based in Ipoh. For those familiar with the Old Town 3-in-1 instant coffee mix, yep, they’re the same company responsible for this restaurant chain! You can find several outlets now in Singapore and my family recently had breakfast at one of them.


The menu boasts a vast variety of dishes, so many that i had a hard time choosing what to eat. I eventually settled for something familiar yet different; Soft-boiled eggs, not on a saucer, but on my toast. Without the usual dash of pepper and soy sauce, the rawness of flavour from the warm and viscous egg yolk on the crisp toast was still quite a treat despite its simplicity.


I accompanied the meal with a cup of Hazelnut White Coffee. I’m not a seasoned coffee addict so i’m unable to tell a cup of good coffee from a bad one. But i did enjoy my coffee very much. That’s all that matters i guess^^ It tasted very much like latte and I guess it was silly of me to expect it to taste like a cup of kinder-bueno, but i was glad that it did smell like hazelnuts!


We also ordered our customary plate of kaya toast which was good but not outstanding. It became soft very fast when left in the open unlike the toast you find at Ya Kun.


Ever had steamed bread before? We ordered a thick slice of bread freshly steamed in a steamer basket you’d typically find at dim sum restaurants. The steaming process made the bread fluffy and perfectly moist. Come to think of it, steaming is almost like the opposite of toasting. The former process adds moisture and softens the bread, while the latter method causes the bread to lose moisture, making it crisp as a result.

Overall, the breakfast at Old Town White Coffee was a decent one. While they serve many other dishes ranging from local favourites to Malaysian cuisine, i think i’ll go back specifically for the breakfast!

Address: 10 Sinaran Drive, #01-01/02/26/27/28/29/45/46,  Novena Square 2

Opening Hours: 8am – 11pm


  • Hazelnut White Coffee – $2.80
  • Soft-boiled egg on Toast – $3.50
  • Kaya Bread (steamed) – $2.60
  • Kaya Bread Toast (double set) – $2.30

Rating: 3.9/5


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