Fries Fries Fries : EwF

When i first walked past EwF a year back in Ochard Central, i joked with my brother that it probably stood for something like EW Food. OR, it could be a terrible pronunciation of ELF by Santa. “Where are my Ewfs!!”. A year later, i found myself at the counter spending what seemed like a full 10 minutes deciding which burger and type of fries to have. It was then that it occurred to me that EwF stood for Everything With Fries!


EwF is actually the spawn child of the restaurant Everything With Fries. I had the impression that EwF and Everything With Fries are one and the same, but was disappointed to find out that the two sell almost completely different things, except for the fries, of course. If you’re looking forward to try their famous One Egg Soup or NZ King Salmon, then go to the main restaurant at Holland Village. At EwF, you’ll find a completely abbreviated version of the popular menu, just like how Everything With Fries has been abbreviated to EwF.


EwF is really just a burger joint featuring many different exotic burgers. I decided to try the EwF Super Burger, despite the wide variety, simply for the name of the burger. I mean, a namesake burger must be the star of the joint right? Apart from that, I also chose the original fries out of the five different flavours available – Original, Garlic, Sour Cream & Onion, Salt and Vinegar and Curry.

For EwF’s namesake burger, it wasn’t as outa-this-world as i had expected it to be. The beef patty was thick and tender, but lacked a punch when it came to flavour. The sauce topped on the patty didn’t really make the dish stand out too. With the addition of a slice of cheese and lettuce, the burger came across as just an average burger.


It was a good thing that the set meal had the fries to fall back on. I did enjoy the fries quite a lot, although it reminded me of the shaker fries from Macs. The helping for the fries was very generous, but i must admit that the fries are quite salty and too much of it made me really thirsty. Furthermore i had this weird craving to have a warm cup of milk as part of the set meal that day, which didn’t help to quench the thirst. I’ll probably be ordering the other flavours that are less salty next time, flavours like Curry and Sour Cream & Onion.

With a so-so burger and slightly over-salty fries, i’m gonna have to give the set meal i had a 3/5. But don’t get me wrong! This shouldn’t put you off from trying out the other burgers on the menu! My friends that were with me seemed to enjoy their burgers a lot. Next time i visit EwF for a quick bite, i’m definitely going to try something out of the norm, and hopefully, more yummy!



Address: 181 Orchard Road, #01-24/25 Orchard Central

Opening Hours:

Sun – Thurs : 10am to 10pm

Fri & Sat : 11am to 11pm


  • EWF Super Burger – $6.90
  • + Fries and Drink – $3

Rating: 3/5


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