Pork floss bun? : Burger Shack


For the Island Creamery fans out there, you’ve probably heard of Burger Shack by now. It’s just a stone throw away from Island Creamery’s main branch at Bukit Timah Road.

With a name like Burger Shack, i had very high hopes for the burgers on their menu. The burgers i had from The Hand Burger were really good and that sort of set a bench mark for all the other burgers that were to come. I’m quite a lazy person when it comes to choosing what i eat. When i go to the hawker centre, i save myself the trouble of deciding what to eat by joining the longest queue. When i eat at places with a menu, i aim straight for the recommended dishes. Lazy me.


At Burger Shack, one of their recommended burgers is the Pulled Pork Burger. Naturally, i went straight for that haha. And what’s a burger without fries right? Unfortunately, the burger doesn’t come with fries; i had to order it separately. The place runs on a self-service basis. When you see your number being flashed, that’s when your burger is ready; kinda like what you do for bubble tea!

As the name of the burger suggests, this is no regular burger. If you’re used to a patty-burger, then perhaps this isn’t the burger for you. Imagine eating a burger with loads of pork floss sandwiched between two buns. Come to think of it, pork floss might not be the best comparison to use. The pulled pork used is no where near the fluffy texture of pork floss. Instead, it’s a soft moist bundle of pork that has been marinated with some sort of sweet barbeque sauce. Overall, it wasn’t too bad a burger, but to be honest, it was not really worth the cost! I’m pretty sure i can get better burgers with the same price elsewhere, although i must say that this is my first time eating a burger like that.


I’m wondering why they don’t just combine both the Burger Shack and Island Creamery together. It’ll be awesome if i can eat burgers and have a choice of any of their unique flavours without having to walk to the ice cream outlet. Wouldn’t it be cool! Ah well. A little exercise after some burgers wouldn’t hurt for two scoops of ice cream!

Address: 559 Bukit Timah Road, #01-01 King’s Arcade

Opening Hours: Tue – Sun : 12pm – 10pm


  • Pulled Pork Burger – $6.20
  • + Fries and Drink – $3.50

Rating: 3.9/5


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