Help! Sharks in my Lor Mee! : Lor Mee 178

When i think of Lor Mee, i imagine a bowl of noodles in thick savoury gravy, topped with perhaps some ngo hiang, pork slices, garlic, chilli paste and maybe some slices of fish. Ah, but fish was so yesterday! Brace yourself for Lor Mee 178, because Jaws just drowned in my bowl of gravy!

My Grandma used to prepare deep-fried shark for us to eat last time. What do sharks taste like? Well, i think cooked shark is softer in texture compared to other fishes, you might even describe it as fluffier in texture. Taste wise…it’s got a unique fragrance and sweetness to it. And so you can imagine how delectable those shark nuggets were; a golden crisp on the outside, and a pillow soft on the inside.

Without the shark nuggets, the lor mee is still a decent one. The gravy isn’t too thick or salty, and the amount of toppings isn’t as overwhelming as some of the more popular lor mees in Singapore.

All in all, this bowl of lor mee is a simple yet delicious one, but of course, you cannot discount the shark nuggets that make the lor mee from Lor Mee 178 a unique one!

Address: 30 Seng Poh Road, #02-58 Tiong Bahru Market

Opening Hours: 6am to 9.30pm, closed on Wed


  • Lor Mee with Shark Nuggets – $3

Rating: 4.8/5


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