Any fresher, and you’ll have to fish it yourself! : Sakuraya Fish Market

Tuesdays and Fridays, REMEMBER THAT! These are the two days of every week that Sakuraya Fish Market gets their fish freshly delivered to their outlet! It’s probably the best time to go get some fresh sashimi prepared by some of the japanese chefs there.

Well, i went on a saturday, since i book out on fridays, but that’s good enough! Sakuraya Fish Market currently has three outlets, and i went to the one at West Coast Plaza. The restaurant is indeed like a mini fish market, but no where near as stinky as an actual one. If you’re into sashimi, you get to choose your perfect cut of fish for the chefs there to prepare for you. I’m no expert in choosing the best cuts, although i assume a good gauge of how good the fish will taste is by the price tag on it! haha! Therefore, there’s not really a fixed price to the sashimi as it depends on the quality of the cut you choose.

My family usually goes for the tuna and salmon bellies. These are the fattier parts of the fish and hence also the tastier parts. The fats are beautifully streaked in the meat and i mean it when i say they melt in your mouth! Fats are good! Eat first and worry about the weighing scale later!! XD

For the main course, i had Chirashi Don, which is essentially a bowl of vinegar rice topped with sashimi from various fishes. The sashimi was fresh and had a sweetness to it that reminded me of a clean sea breeze(:

Chirashi Don

The previous time i was at Sakuraya, i had Bara Chirashi Don, which is a diced up version of Chirashi Don. I think i prefer my fish sliced, not diced. You can’t really appreciate the unique flavour of each fish, as well as its texture when the fish is all mixed and diced up.

Bara Chirashi Don

Within the restaurant, you’ll also find a section where you can by japanese products ranging from snacks to frozen products that you can take away for a meal at home.

The fish at Sakuraya is as fresh as you can get! Hope to see you there on a Tuesday or Friday!!

Address: 154 West Coast Road, #B1-50/51/52 West Coast Plaza

Opening Hours: 10.40am – 10pm



  • Bara Chirashi Don – $15
  • Chirashi Don – $14
  • Sashimi – Variable!

Rating: 4.5/5


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