Where Korean Stars Eat: Ju Shin Jung Korean BBQ Restaurant

Long before the K-pop tsunami hit the shores of Singapore, Ju Shin Jung Korean BBQ Restaurant was already feeding the mouths of famous Korean stars. Plastered on the glass walls of the restaurant are numerous photos and signatures of korean actors and singers that have eaten at the restaurant, a bold testament to how good the food is!

Like any authentic Korean restaurants, before the main course, you’re often bombarded with a wide array of starters, from the classic kimchi to other forms of cold salads and soups. I’m not much of an expert of meats, so i usually leave it to my mom to place the order for the preferred choice of meat for BBQ. We usually get sliced pork belly and wagyu beef. To play it safe, let the waiters or waitresses do the grilling for you. You don’t want to waste a good cut of meat for being an amateur; just leave it to the experts, sit back, and wait to be served (:

The meats are usually not marinated. But they will give you each two dips; one of them a red paste that i suspect is the same thing used to marinate kimchi, and the other some sort of sesame oil.

Now, don’t assume that the Korean cuisine is all about grilled meats! You’d actually be eating a lot more greens than meat! All the meats ordered will be accompanied by a tray of lettuce, to be used as a wrap for the meats.

And while the meats have to be paid for, the veges can be replenished whenever you want to. The Koreans are actually promoting a healthy lifestyle!




Address: 27 West Coast Highway, #01-18/19 Yess Centre

Opening Hours: Tue–Sun: 12pm – 2.30pm, 6pm – 10pm


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