Sweet prawns and tender ribs: Ah Hui Big Prawn Noodle

When i was still canoeing in SJI, a bowl of prawn noodles from Ah Hui Big Prawn Noodle was like comfort food to me after a rigorous day of training. I’m not a big fan of peeling my prawns but Ah Hui Big Prawn Noodle has really made me a more disciplined person; transformed me in a sense haha. The tedious act of peeling the prawns makes the fresh juicy prawns all the more savoury and satisfying. The soup is really fragrant from the prawns and the pork ribs, and i suspect that the prawn shells actually serve more than to irritate the nutshell out of you when you’re peeling it. Perhaps the prawn shells give an additional flavour to the soup?

I prefer my prawn noodles eaten dry, because i’ve come to realise that when the soup is served separate, it’s for some reason more concentrated in flavours than when served with the noodles.

The pork ribs are really tender and the meat slides easily off the ribs. Speaking of pork ribs, i wonder why prawns are always paired with pork. Are the two flavours the perfect match? Well, to me, it is!


Address: 183 Upper Thomson Road, #01-05, Upper Thomson, 574332

Opening Hours: 8am – 11pm


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