5 Simple Steps of Life: Food for Thought

I’ve always enjoyed going to the Botanical Gardens. The wide open spaces and greenery sets me at the ease even as the hustle and bustle of the city continues unabated. I don’t like crowds, but for some reason, i’m totally fine with crowds in the Botanical Gardens. Maybe it’s because i love the sight of family, couples and friends enjoying the company of each other. It beats seeing a couple walking through a mall, holding hands, but each distracted by merchandises and advertisements surrounding them. When you’re surrounded my nature, that’s when you’re freed from distractions, and when you can truly focus on who you love, or love doing.

After a day of activities in the Botanical Gardens, settle down for a hearty meal at Food for Thought. The interior of the restaurant is very spacious and the lamps that hang lazily on the ceiling shower a warm glow of light, giving the place a homely feel to it. I brought my family there for breakfast one morning. I had a sudden craving for pancakes and i overheard that Food for Thought sells them like hotcakes.

Full Works

For the ones looking for a very heavy breakfast, the Full Works will definitely give you more than a fill. My father and Bro who are both big eaters couldn’t even finish their plates of Full Works. The meal comes with luscious green salad, sliced chicken sausages, fried bacon, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, hashbrowns and a really thick slice of toasted bread. Sounds crazy right?

Well, the leftovers became my benefit, and i got to sample the hashbrowns which were really good. It’s not what’ you’d expect from Macs. The hashbrowns here come in the shape of small golden tear drops. They’re deep-fried for a crisp exterior, while the core remains a mashpotato softness. Yummy!

House Works

For the ladies, might i suggest going for the House Works. It has almost everything from the Full Works, less the mushrooms and sausages.

As for me, i dived straight for a plate of their famous Banana and Walnuts Pancakes, served with whipped cream and Gula Melaka Syrup (Palm Sugar Syrup). The pancakes were soft as clouds, and the marriage of bananas and walnuts was a classic combo that went perfectly with it.
Top it of with some sweet whipped cream and Gula Melaka Syrup, and the dish becomes divine.

Other popular flavours include Raspberry and Chocolate. The raspberry spread was abit too sour for me, but the sweet chocolate did help to complement the berry’s natural sourness.

Those Golden Tear Drops i was talking about

What strikes me most about Food for Thought that it’s not only a place that serves good food, but one that actively contributes back to the wider community too. A sum of their earnings are channelled to fund causes such as providing education for the poor, food for the needy as well as ensuring a clean water supply to places that severely lacked them.

So if you ever get the chance to eat at Food for Thought, do remember to follow the 5 steps as prescribed on the wall of the restaurant.






I’ve reached step 5, it’s time you start on step 1!

Address: 1 Cluny Road, Singapore Botanic Gardens, Tanglin Gate, #B1-00

Opening Hours: 8am – 10pm

Website: http://www.foodforthought.com.sg/fft/home.php


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