The Dark Side of the Moon: Home’s Favourite

The moon is currently half-full but Singapore is already gearing up for their share of the latest flavours of mooncakes. Admit it, the Lantern Festival is probably the best excuse for many of us to splurge on that favourite mooncake. Traditional mooncakes are still very popular among many, but it’s the exotic and unique ones that really shine during this season.

For me, i’m a big fan of durian mooncakes. To be very honest, i haven’t had a good-old traditional mooncake in a very long time! Every year, my mom usually gets snow skin durian mooncakes instead, and it’s a delicious dessert when eaten chilled. Recently, through recommendation, she got this black mooncake home from Home’s Favourite.

This black mooncake has probably taken indulgence to the extreme. The colour of the black snow skin apparently comes from charcoal, for a reason i’m not sure of. This is perhaps another example of trying to get your mooncake to stand out. Now let’s take thing two steps further. The filling is made from Mau Shan Wang Durian, which is supposedly one of the most revered and delicious types of durians out there. And to top things off, sprinkle some gold flakes.

It’s a costly mooncake but really delicious nonetheless. And for those out there that collect mooncake boxes, you’ll be happy to know that the ones from Home’s Favourite usually comes with a floral print. I guess there’s a price to pay for such a mooncake. I’m starting to wonder if most of the cost went into those few nanograms of gold flakes on top! To be very honest, there are many other awesome durian mooncakes out there that are comparable in quality and taste. I’m not saying that this Mau Shan Wang Mooncake isn’t good, but if you want something less costly, Home’s Favourite offers some good durian mooncakes made from other types of durian too that are good too! Think of it this way, you can get at least five mooncakes in exchange for one of these black ones!

But at the end of the day, if you do decide to splurge, don’t be so hard on yourself haha!




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