Singapore’s Ben & Jerry: Island Creamery

I’d like to think of Island Creamery as the Ben & Jerry’s of Singapore. If you’re bored of the standard ice cream flavours, Island Creamery is THE place for uniquely Singaporean flavours that you’ve probably been eating your whole life, just not in ice cream form.

At the main branch, you get to sample the full spread of local flavours ranging from popular desserts like Chendol and Pulut Hitam to drinks like Bandung, Teh Tarik, Milo and Horlicks. If you’re looking for fruity flavours, there’s the king of all fruits Durian too, or Dragon Fruit. Other popular flavours include Reverso (imagine chocolate cookies and cream), Nutella and Apple Crumble.

Reverso and Cookies and Cream

My favourite flavours are Bandung, Teh Tarik  and Nutella. Island Creamery is able to retain the authenticity of the flavour and capture it in ice cream form. The ice cream is very smooth, though i’d prefer it to be a bit thicker.

Bandung and Teh Tarik

Apart from ice cream, they also sell ice cream cakes. One of their most famous ice cream cakes is the Mud Pie. The Mud Pie is a three tiered ice cream cake with an Oreo crust.

The top is flavour Revers’O on top, followed by Cookies and Cream, and Burnt Caramel on the bottom.   If only all of Earth’s mud was made of ice cream.

Other than that, it’s a great hang out spot for an after-school lepak session, and if you’re in the mood, snap a photo of you and your friends and have it printed and pasted on the already photo-cluttered walls. There isn’t an inch of wall without photos of friends enjoying their time together at the ice cream parlour.

And perhaps, it’s because of the photos of cheery faces that surround you that adds  a homely warmth to the place.


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