Durian Essence in a bowl!: Dessert Bowl 一碗甜品

This is the perfect getaway to end the night. Forget the jugs of alcohol and peanuts, get high on desserts!

Dessert Bowl is a small dessert parlour on the second level of a row of shop houses. On the way up the stairs, you’d get a feeling that you’re on the gateway to durian heaven. I’m sorry to the durian-haters, but durian love is in the air, like literally. The aroma/stench of durian permeates all the way to the first floor, and it’s because of all the people eating the most popular dessert there, the Durian Mousse.

If you love durian, then the Durian Mousse is perfect for you. It’s durian essence in a bowl! The Durian Mouse is smooth and silky, almost like a thick soup of durian. It’s topped of with durian flesh just to add that texture and remind you of the roots of this awesome dessert.

I was at the Dessert Bowl with several of my bros and we ordered a variety of desserts. Some of us got the Milk Custard. Milk Custard is a first for me, and i really enjoyed eating it! It’s like a pudding of sweet milk, and it’s so smooth!

Durian Mousse

Milk Custard with Caramel Syrup

And what’s chinese dessert without a bowl of tau huay, or should i say a bucket of tau huay!

The bucket of tau huay! thanks roy for the photo!

We decided to order this Bucket Tau Huay and the waitress was telling us how it’s not going to be like the regular tau huay we’re all used to. The one we were about to eat would be more “watery” as she said, and it required about 20 mins to prepare. When the bucket finally arrived, we served each other the hot and fresh tau huay.

I assume the tau huay is so much softer  and crumbly because it’s freshly curdled from soya bean milk. It’s really good nonetheless!

Customize your sweetness level!

The consistency is not as firm as the tau huay that you can get outside, given the shorter amount of time it was given to curdle, but the flavours from the soya milk does not pale in comparison!

Apart from the desserts, there are many miniature models of eateries displayed in the place! By night-time, the place can get really crowded, and for the unfortunate many subjected to the long waiting queue, looking at these miniature models is the best way to pass your time 😛 Other than that, let that sweet bowl of dessert be your source of motivation until you get your seat!

Address: 80A Serangoon Garden Way

Opening Hours:

Tue–Thu: 12pm – 10.30pm
Fri–Sun: 12pm – 12am
(Close on Mon)


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