BREADCRUMBS #4 The Long Run to Chinatown

I hate to admit it, but yes, i got lost! I was so confident that the mental map in my head would suffice, and set off on a run that i thought would take at most 30 minutes! But haha the run to Chinatown was not as easy as i had imagined it to be. It took me more than an hour to finally navigate my way to Chinatown and after plotting my route on google maps, i realized i ran a distance of 9.2km!!

It didn’t seem that long! Perhaps the beautiful scenaries and the adrenaline from the run took my mind off the distance, and made me focus on my goal of finding good food at Chinatown.

Along the way, i made a pit stop at one of  those iconic Magnolia icecream vendors for a recharge. My favourite flavour is durian! I usually have my icecream slab between two waffle biscuits, but on that day, i decided to go for the other classic pink and green bread wrap.

Eating icecream from such vendors always reminds me of my younger days. I used to rush down from the third floor of the HDB flat when i heard the jingle of the icecream vendor’s bell. For 1 dollar, i could (and still can!) get a nice slab of icecream on a hot day. There are so many other flavours to choose from but my favourite is still the king of fruits.

When i finally arrived at Chinatown, i made my way to the first hawker centre i found, People’s Park Cooked Food Centre. There, i asked around for something good to eat and was told that Lek Kee Authentic Teochew Braised Duck was worth a try and decided to go witht he flow! That was lunch number 1 by the way Haha! I mean, after a distance of 9.2km, i had a legitimate reason to eat more to replace what was used!

I then crossed over to Pagoda Street where i usually go to for Chinese New Year decor. The street wasn’t as crowded with locals as compared to the festive CNY period, but i did see many tourists along the way. It’s been a while since my last visit to Pagoda Street and i was surprised to find a Tintin museum there! I’ve never followed the Tintin series but i really enjoyed looking at the array of figurines of Tintin characters on display. There was even a huge Tintin sculpture from the latest Tintin computer animated movie!

Further down Pagoda Street, there are other touristy destinations like the Chinatown Heritage Centre (which i visited 4 times and love it!) as well as another museum called the Coin Museum. I saw this really big ancient coin that reminded me of the coin the Mr Krabs’s first dime.

“Time for lunch number two”, growled my stomach and so i navigated my way to the Chinatown Complex Food Centre for a plate of awesome soya chicken rice from Ma Li Ya Virgin Chicken as well as a green pandan butterfly fritter from Tai Wah Cooked Food!

It was a maze in the hawker centre and there was so much to sample, but so little tummy space for everything! I wanted to try the famous claypot rice that is supposedly one of the few remaining hawkers that actually once served food along the old Chinatown street, but alas, it wasn’t open..

Nevertheless, the food journey could not end on such a low note! I asked for directions for some chinese dessert and was pleased to find Mei Heong Yuen Dessert, a dessert shop that sells one of my favourite chinese desserts, peanut paste!!

I was too full by then to eat anymore food and i was too lazy to make a 9.2km run back home. And so i took a bus ride home, with a satisfied tummy and a pair of exhausted legs, and with the blood from my brain drained to my stomach to digest all the good food, i fell asleep. That concludes the story of  The Long Run (:


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