When Soya meets Chicken: 瑪莉亞處女雞 ( Ma Li Ya Virgin Chicken )


I was exploring Chinatown recently and no excursion to Chinatown is complete without eating at the Chinatown Complex Food Centre. The food centre will definitely be crowded and there are simply so many hawker stalls that you’d have a very hard time navigating through the maze of stalls! There were so many different good eats to choose from, and the many advertisements and accolades plastered on the sign boards of the stalls made it even more difficult to come to a decision on what to eat!

I decided to use the number 1 indicator of how yummy the food is by finding the stall with the longest queue! Haha and to be honest, there were so many stalls with queues that were so long that even the number 1 indicator was beginning to fail me! After wandering around in circles, i decided to settle for a plate of soya sauce chicken rice from Ma Li Ya Virgin Chicken.

Under the warm glow of the spotlight, the crimson red soya sauce chickens were a feast for the eyes. It was somewhat of a mental torture to be standing at the back of the long queue and simply stare in awe at the chickens. By the time it was my turn, my eyes were more than satiated and it was my mouth’s turn to dig in!

I’m no guru in soya sauce chicken but as a random 19-year-old who endured the agony of having to wait for a plate of soya sauce chicken rice, i was very satisfied, if not extremely contented with the time spent waiting! The chicken was very succulent, and the sweetness from the soya sauce made it all the more delicious.

I was surprised to find actual soya beans as toppings. They’re a little salty but it went really well with the sweetness of the chicken!

If you’re splitting your hairs wondering what to eat at Chinatown Complex Food Centre next time, save yourself the baldness and go straight for Ma Li Ya Virgin Chicken! Go there fast before the queue lengthens!!

Address: 21 Smith Street , #02-176 Chinatown Complex Food Centre, S058935

Opening Hours: Tue to Sun: 7am – 4pm, closed on Mon


2 responses to “When Soya meets Chicken: 瑪莉亞處女雞 ( Ma Li Ya Virgin Chicken )

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