The Perfect Cai Poh!: Shui Kway

This is a must have for breakfast when you’re at Sembawang Hill Food Centre! The Chwee Kueh at Shui Kway is probably one of the best Chwee Kuehs i’ve had so far. I think at the end of the day, a good soft Chwee Kueh is not complete without the good traditional Cai Poh topping, or pickled raddish.

The Cai Poh packs both a crunch and sweetness, and this goes perfectly with an otherwise rather flavourless Chwee Kueh! To be honest, the Cai Poh is so good, i can totally eat by itself!!! The chilli is the other star topping. The spiciness and flavour from the chilli doesn’t overpower the flavours from the Cai Poh. Marry the two toppings and the Chwee Kueh, and i can bet you that you can’t stop at one!

Address: Sembawang Hill Food Centre, #01-16, 590 Upper Thomson Road

Opening Hours: 6am – 1:45pm daily, closes at 10am on Sun


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