The Ultimate Baby Food: Rochor Beancurd House

What is it about beancurd that Singaporeans love? Well, I love it for its simplicity. This humble little bowl of white, is the essence of soya beans embodied in pudding form. I’m pretty sure they’re the building block of clouds, and not candy floss. I can imagine dipping my spoon in a cloud and putting it in my mouth, and i’ll not even have to munch or chew. Just let it slide straight to my tummy. The ultimate baby food. I think i’ll make this the second thing my future baby eats after mom’s all-natural milk.

Refrigerated Beancurd

Aneeeway, I’ve been eating a lot of beancurd recently! I had cold beancurd one night, and a hot bowl the next day, both at the Balestier Rochor Beancurd House branch.

The beancurd here is thicker in its consistency compared to the ones i’ve eaten elsewhere, but nonetheless good! Maybe it’s richer soya milk? I’m not sure! Each spoonful did feel much heavier than usual!

Whether you’re hot or you’re cold, you’re always yummy.

Address: 432 Balestier Road, #01-436 Public Mansion

Opening Hours: 7am – 12midnight


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