A Simply delicious plate of duck rice: Lek Kee Authentic Teochew Braised Duck

Today I ran from home to Chinatown! It was quite a distance! I have no idea what gave me the impression that it’ll be a short run! But i’m starting to enjoy this whole process of running for my food. I feel like an explorer! running and venturing into new places in search for good food. It was such an awesome adventure navigating my way based on my mental map. It took me a really long time to find a route to Chinatown from Whampoa. When I finally got there, i was so excited to find all the sumptuous food Chinatown has to offer!

My first decision as an explorer was to ask the regulars at People’s Park Cooked Food Centre what they enjoyed eating from the place. Two old ladies told me that they often ate from this duck rice stall and i decided to heed the advice of the two wise women and went in search for the special duck rice stall. I didn’t ask for the name of the stall but that wasn’t really a hindrance in my search. I instinctively went for the duck rice stall with the longest queue!

While queueing for the duck rice, i asked the old man in front of me what he thought of the duck rice and he said that it’s popular among the older generation. “younger ones like you probably won’t like it as much as it might come across as bland” he said. I was like…WOH WAIT, you mean people are queueing for a plate of duck rice that’s bland!? Ok so i decided to stay and give the ducks a try and i must admit, it isn’t really what many might consider very flavourful, but nonetheless delicious!

The meat is lean and it isn’t very salty. Perhaps that’s why it’s popular among the old folks. In most chicken rice stalls i’ve gone too, i realise the flavour of the chicken is often packed in the layers of fat or the sauce they douse the chicken with. I guess it’s different for ducks! The ducks here weren’t really drenched in a lot of sauce, so you get to taste the pureness of the ducky flavour. And i think ducks in general aren’t as fat as chickens, so it’s really just between you and the duck meat, no fats or excessive sauce between you and the flavour of duck meat.

All in all, i’d say the duck rice here is simple but good. We’re going back to the basics here!


Address: Blk 32 New Market Road, #01-1104 People’s Park Cooked Food Centre, S050032

Opening Hours: 11am – 5pm, closed on alternate Fri


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