Hearty Taste of America: BJ’s American Diner and Grill

When we talk about Western food in Singapore, i think that there’s a consensus that the usual image that pops into our minds is that of a typical plate of grilled meat with some sort of potato side. Western food…what are we really referring to when we say Western food? I mean, when i talk about Japanese food, i’m clearly referring to food originating from Japan. The food we deem Western in nature, in my opinion, is really just American food.

Cheese Steak Sandwich (Bun version.)

Is there anything sophisticated about American cuisine? Just grill or deep fry! I mean, how difficult can it get to deep fry a piece of chicken cutlet, or grill a piece of steak? It may seem all too easy to prepare, especially when you eat at one of those ‘Western Food’ stalls at food courts. Everything is pre-made, frozen, and all you really need to do is defrost the food by grilling or deep-frying.

Cheese Steak Sandwich (Ciabatta version.)

Ok, so we can’t get a ticket to America for an authentic American meal, but lucky for us, we can get a hearty American meal in the heartlands of Singapore! Owner Bernie Utchenik, may be Singaporean, but he certainly hasn’t forgotten his American roots and how to whip up some good American food! And what’s great about his famous Botak Jones outlets is that they’re located close to the people living in the heartlands. He’s brought good American food to The people of Singapore, and at good prices too!

Cajun Chicken

One thing about American meals; the food portions are in general larger. At Botak Jones, expect nothing close to the small portions you find at food courts. It’s all about the large portions and to be honest, food is inevitably wasted when portions get too big. I’d like to see it as a spirit of generousity manifested through the large portions, or the kind of love you get when you visit grandma’s and she prepares a feast fit for a family, just for you. For the guys and the hungry, Botak Jones is the place to go! But i’d say it takes some responsibility to ask for less, or packet the leftovers for a night snack, if you know you can’t finish the meal!

So i’ve tried the signature Cajun Chicken and i found it quite delicious, but you must must must head down to Botak Jone’s new outlet, called BJ’s American Diner and Grill (so much more style in this name!), and try the Cheese Steak Sandwich. I pictured getting a thick slice of beef between two slices of bread when i ordered this, but to my surprise, it’s something even better! Finely sliced steak, cooked in a peppery sauce, along with caramalized onions and green peppers, and a generous helping of mozzarella cheese. It was an awesome dish by itself even without the bread.

And of course, you get a choice of two sides. I usually ask for the spicy crinkled fries and a bowl of Heinz baked beans!

Personally, I think the Ciabatta bread is so much nicer. It’s basically a long elongated flat bread originating from Italy. It’s really soft and goes really well with the tender beef! Nothing better than beef snuggled in a bread as soft as a pillow!

I even got the privilige to take a photo behind the iconic Botak Jone’s outline, the very Bernie in person!!! And yes he is Botak!!

True American food in the heart of Singapore, this is the place to go for a sumptuous and hearty feast!

Address: 312 Balestier Road, #01-01, Singapore, Singapore 329743

Opening Hours:

Tue – Thu & Sun: 11:30am – 11pm

Fri – Sat: 11:30am – 11:30pm

FB Page: http://www.facebook.com/BJBalestier


2 responses to “Hearty Taste of America: BJ’s American Diner and Grill

  1. Hi! Pass by the place ev wk but put off by the dark exterior. Your pix look so nice i think i’ll try it soon! (U never say how much the cheese steak sw costs leh o_O

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