Variety in a bowl!: Tong Ji Mian Shi

Golden Mile Food Centre is a haven for awesome food and army related equipments. I used to make the trip there just for a bowl of lor mee from Tong Ji Mian Shi but now, i can kill two birds with one stone by supplementing my tummy as well as my army stores!

In my opinion, this is probably one of the best lor mee in Singapore! I like it that i’m getting not just quality in my bowl of lor mee, but variety too. For $3, you get a bowl of lor mee topped with fried wan ton,egg, fried fish, ngoh hiang, braised pork and slices of fish cake (i had to catch my breath there!). Generous indeed! Toppings aside, the consistency of the gravy is just right, not to thick or runny. Egg is also beautifully streaked into the gravy which gives it additional flavour. I’ve always felt that if the lor mee noodles are too thin, then it’ll collect too much gravy between the noodle strands. The choice of flat noodles complements the gravy as they soak up just the right amount of gravy for you to taste both the noodles and the savoury gravy.

So if you happen to be at Golden Mile Food Centre for army equipment like most Singaporean guys next time, make sure you head to the second floor after getting your equipment for a hearty bowl of lor mee that will make you return to the building for just the lor mee the next round!

Address: Golden Mile Food Centre, #01-100, 505 Beach Road

Opening Hours:

Tue – Thurs: 9am – 7pm

Mon and Fri: 9am – 3pm

Closed on alternate Sat


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