For the Curry Fans out there, you must try this! : Romankan Yokohama

I LOVE japanese curry. It’s more of a gravy really, and it’s sweet and mildy spicy. If you’re a fan of japanese curry then you really must give Romankan Yokohama’s curry a shot. It’s very different from the curries you get at other restaurants. The curry here has pulled streaks of pork mixed into it, making it a richer in flavour and texture.

Other than that, the pork cutlet is really thick, ensuring that even if you decide to drown your cutlet in the curry (which i do), you’ll still get to taste the pork cutlet.

Romankan Yokohama, this is a salute to you for good curry! The curry is so good, you can just eat it without rice. I’m serious!

Address: 391 Orchard Road, #B2-04 Ngee Ann City

Opening Hours:

Sun–Thu: 10am–9pm,
Fri/Sat: 10am–9.30pm


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