Food and Furniture: IKEA Breakfast

Ikea? Isn’t that the place where you get those easy-to-fix furniture? What’s it got to do with good food! A lot in fact!

If you do ever drop by Ikea in the morning for breakfast, you’d be surprised to see a crazy crowd even before the canteen opens. I think the rationale of Ikea to serve good breakfast is to fill up the tummies of their customers to give them the energy to shop for furniture. But to be very honest, I think most of the people that made the effort to drag themselves out of bed are really just there for the food!

The breakfast at Ikea is simple, delicious and cheap. I think it’s because Ikea owns the whole building that they can sell the food at a low price since there’s no rental. For $3.50 , you can get a plate of scrambled eggs, ham, hashbrown,a croissant and free flow of coffee. Or you can choose to go for a plate of pancakes, scrambled eggs and hashbrown. I usually go for both since i can’t decide haha!

For some reason, the layout of the Ikea canteen reminds me of a stereotypical American school canteen, where you queue up and slide your tray to the dinner lady for the meal of the day. At the end of your meal, you clear your own tray and plates, and the process continues like a chain reaction. People come and leave, with their appetites satiated and ready to shop.

Although at the end of the day,  i’m ultimately reminded that Ikea is a Swedish company by the advertisement of their popular Swedish meatballs. Now i haven’t actually tried their famous meatballs, although ive heard rumours that the taste of the meatballs have changed since the switch in supplier, but if there’s two other things Ikea  is famous for, are their chicken wings and hotdogs.

I love their fried chicken wings! It’s so perfectly crisp and succulent despite its naturally small size (in other words lacking in steroids).

And the hotdogs are a MUST HAVE as a snack after an adventure through the store’s maze. Their decent and cheap, simple and good! I saw one guy the other day with two hotdogs for himself! A dollar for a chicken hotdog snuggled between the crevice of a fluffy bun, that’s  better than any other deal the store has to offer if you ask me^^

Address: 60 Tampines North Drive 2, Singapore 528764

Opening Hours: 9.30am – 10.30pm



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