Fresh and Crispy Coins: Sin Ming Roti Prata

If you drive by Upper Thomson in search for good prata, chances are, you’d stop by Prata House or Casuarina. I mean, they’ve got huge sign boards that you can’t possibly miss! I’m not dismissing the good prata they sell there, but I DARE you to venture beyond and behind the huge flashy sign boards, down the small roads that branch from the main road, that lead to coffee shops snuggled among the HDB flats. Haha, and if you actually take up my challenge, may I suggest making a turn to Sin Ming Road, to Jin Fa Kopitiam, where you’ll find one of the best pratas in Singapore!

Be prepared to join a long queue of patrons if you want to eat at Sin Ming Roti Prata. The wait is definitely worth it, so perhaps it’s wise to bring a pair of binoculars to view the menu hanging in front of the stall, and spend the time deciding what to eat!

I used to order only egg prata from all prata shops, because it’s usually freshly prepared as compared to the kosong (plain) prata, that can be prepared in bulk and left in stacks to be served to customers when they come later, or never, resulting in them to become a cardboard cold :/You can expect freshly prepared prata at Sin Ming Roti Prata, whether its kosong or with egg, as the customers stream in continuously, ensuring that no prata is left on the shelf waiting for the customer to come. Instead, the customer waits for the prata to be prepared!

What I like about the prata here is the crispness of its exterior, and the softness of its interior. It’s not to oily too which is great when you feel like eating more than one! The curry is good too; rich and creamy. I don’t know about you, but I still enjoy eating my prata with a sprinkle of sugar(: Love that additional sweetness in the morning 😀

Besides prata, make sure you try their famous prata coins! Prata coins? Haha, just imagine mini pratas! Because they’re so much smaller in size, they’re crispier, but you can still expect that fluff of the dough beneath the crisp crust.

It’s a perfect bite size snack! A must try!

Address: Sin Ming Roti Prata, Blk 24, #01-51, Sin Ming Road, Singapore 570024

Opening Hours: 6am – 7pm


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