Breakfast for Lunch: Kith

I had breakfast for lunch recently at Kith and it made me consider having breakfast for breakfast, lunch and dinner next time!

Went with my classmates and three of us decided to get the Big Breakfast. I like how you get to choose the type of bread you want as well as the way you want your eggs cooked. We left it to the chef to randomize our orders so that we’d get a variety of bread and cooked eggs. I got the poached egg and sourdough bread! The way i ate it- smother a bit of strawberry jam on the toasted bread, add some poached egg and mushrooms on top, and some bacon…then pop it into your mouth! Delicious!

One of my friends got the vegetarian breakfast set! Haha he said it’s to make up for all the meat he ate recently! But to be honest the vegetarian set looked equally good and he enjoyed it just as much!

Address: Park Mall 9 Penang Road , #01-01E , Singapore 238459

Opening Hours: 7am – 7pm



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