It’s all Curry here!: Curry Times

From the starters of the international franchise Old Chang Kee, comes a restaurant dedicated to serving you all things curry. Curry Times is a relatively new restaurant, snuggled in the corner of Velocity, Novena Square. I really love the decor of the restaurant! You’ll feel as though you’re sitting in an old chinese eatery (with air-con XD), complete with marble tables and wooden chairs, and wooden bird cages hanging from the ceilings, as well as old pottery and plates on display. The waitresses are dressed in traditional Nyonya dress and walk around with huge round trays with dishes served in metal pots and plates.

I ordered their signature dish; Curry chicken. You can choose between rice, prata or bread to go with the curry. All in all, the curry was rather delicious. It was not too spicy, and the consistency was not too thick. It’s rather expensive though :/

But in all honesty, i think the Curry buns totally beat the Curry chicken hands down. That should be their signature dish! Beside the cashier, you’ll find a shelf displaying rows of golden brown buns. The top level of the shelf  are the buns with a curry potato filling, while the ones below are filled with coconut shavings. The buns are surprisingly fluffy and soft! With just a bite, you’ll reach the generous curry potato filling that packs a spicy punch! The Curry buns are really something different and it’s a must try!

I got to try the Dry Curry Chicken Rice too, which was something new to me. The bite sized pieces of chicken were very tender and moist, smothered with a curry sauce that’s reminiscent of the signature curry flavour in Old Chang Kee’s curry puffs.

Do try the Salmon Otah! It’s really quite different from the usual brown otah wrapped up in banana leaves. This otah is pinkish in colour! The texture is akin to that of a soft sponge cake haha! But it’s really delicious! The richness of the flavours from the fish  goes very well with the spices.

If you’re looking for something more old school, they serve food like Nasi Lemak too. Of course, this being Curry Times, the fried chicken wing was peppered with curry powder too! With ikan bilis and peanuts, cucumber and achar by the side, you can’t get more traditional than that! Oh, the heart shaped sunny-side up was a sweet touch(:

On your way out, do reach into the two large plastic jars of biscuits! Their complimentary to all purchases made! And as usual, there’s curry in almost everything they sell. Yes, even in the biscuits!

Address: 238 Thomson Road, #02-33/34 Velocity @ Novena Square

Opening Hours: 7am – 9.30pm



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