Selling like Hot Baos!: Singapore Bao

It’s really irritating when something’s sooo good that it’s perpetually sold out! You’d spend ages queuing for some of those delectable hot baos and by the time it’s your turn to order, chances are, all the baos would have been sold out. What’s so great about their baos!?


For one, the bun itself is soft and fluffy. But it’s perhaps the generous filling that keeps customers coming back to join the long queue. From the sweet char siew filling in the char siew baos to the dau sa in the dau sa baos, you can expect a good mouthful of delicious content packed into every bite.

If you’re like me and usually join the queue when most of the baos are gone, there are still other classic dim sum like lor mai kai, fan choi and har kow. The lor mai kais are really popular with the customers too. The stacks of metal bowls in front of the stall are a testament to it’s popularity! Pieces of chicken and a slice of mushroom is pressed into the base of the bowl, followed by glutinous rice, and after steaming, you’d get lor mai kais in the shape of the bowl.

The har kows are really good too. They are so generous with the shrimp and ground meat filling that it becomes so juicy and tasty to eat.

So if you’re around Bendemeer next time, do head down to Singapore Bao for some baos! But be warned! They sell like hot baos!

Address: Bendemeer Market & Food Centre, Blk 29 Bendemeer Road, #01-61

Opening Hours: 6:30am – 2pm


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