I’m never eating apples by itself again!: Ritz Apple Strudel

I’ve never tried Apple Strudel before but I must say that Ritz Apple Strudel has set the bar sky-high for all the other pastry shops out there selling apple strudel! My good friend and I were at Thomson Plaza and wanted to find a nice quiet place to have a cup of coffee, and catch up with each other. Through recommendation, we ended up going to Ritz Apple Strudel for something light.

At Ritz Apple Strudel, they sell many kinds of pastries and cakes, but they’re famous for they’re apple strudels. The apple strudels come in a variety of sizes, from the largest being slightly less than a metre long, and the smallest being about slightly less than a foot long.

The apple strudels are essentially made of two puff pastry layers, with apple cubes, cream and custard sandwiched in between. The golden brown pastries are beautifully glazed with a layer of sugar, then sprinkled lightly with sugar frosting. The apple cubes are surprisingly juicy, and the trick to eating the apple strudel is to use your fork and dive in fast from the top to break through the crispy pastry crust to reach the apple cubes.

It’s served cold and I’m thinking it’ll be perfect if eaten with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Yumm….

So forget Birthday cake! Next time, get a large size apple strudel with a candle on top instead! A delicious substitute!

Address: 267 Upper Thomson Road

Opening Hours: 9.30am – 10pm Daily

Website: http://www.ritzapplestrudel.com/


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