Can’t get enough of Korean Chicks: Woori-nara Korean Restaurant

When i was in Korea last year, i noticed how the Koreans love their fried chicken. And i’m not saying this because i saw many KFCs! They have their own local franchises that can be found around the city, and these outlets are often packed especially at night. They enjoy eating fried chicken along with a jug of cold beer, and it’s the ideal hang-out place for friends looking for a quick bite and some alcohol.

Now, if you want to really sample some authentic Korean food, restaurants are probably the best places to go, and not the food courts. The Korean food sold at food courts are often highly tailored to the tastes of the locals. For something closer to Korea, try searching online for Korean restaurants and you’d be surprised how many you can find in Singapore! My father managed to find a Korean restaurant, Woori-nara, selling fried chicken in Singapore, and we decided to make a trip down to give it a try to see how it compares to the ones we had in Korea.

As with every Korean restaurant, it’s a custom to first serve a variety of complimentary appetizers (usually vegetable and pickles). You can request for a top up for free if you want more!

We ordered a platter of the original fried chicken at Woori-nara, as well as one drenched with sweet garlic soy sauce. The portions are quite big and it can be filling! The fried chicken we had in Korea was different from the one at Worri-Nara. I thought the type of flour used would be somewhat similar. For one, the chicken we had in Korea was finely coated then deep-fried, while the one at Woori-Nara had a heavier coating. Nevertheless, both are equally delicious. At Woori-Nara, the heavy coat of flour turns a golden crisp in the deep-fry, and it hugs on to the nugget of succulent chicken within it.  For the platter of original fried chicken, it comes with some sort of yellow sauce. I’m not sure what it is but i recall tasting a hint of mustard.

If there’s one thing in common, is that the Koreans enjoy drenching their fried chicken in a variety of sauces. And this is perhaps why an external coat of flour is important, as it not only retains the flavours of the oils, but also serves as a sponge to soak up the sauce.

We didn’t order bowls of rice at Woori-Nara. Instead, we decided to go for their Gimbap, which is essentially sushi. The Gimbap isn’t very flavourful, but i guess it was an interesting replacement to a simple bowl of rice!


Address: 19 Lorong Kilat, #01-02 Singapore

Opening Hours: Daily: 5pm – 12am

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