Tasty Ramen at affordable prices: Ramen Monster

I never thought i’d be doing a review of a place i’ve worked at! During the holidays, my good friend and i went in search for a restaurant to work at. My rationale for working at a restaurant – i’ll get to eat what they sell there ^^ Well, in truth, i didn’t really get to eat ramen everyday at Ramen Monster. But that was a personal decision. I felt bad asking the chef for a good bowl of ramen everyday 😛

Business is really good especially during the lunch hours, when all the office workers are having their break. I can see why too.

The ramen served at Ramen Monster is good and reasonably priced. I’ve tried tonkotsu ramen from authentic ramen restaurants in Singapore, and the soup that is served at Ramen Monster is no less rich and creamy as the others. You can have a certain degree of customization when it comes to ordering your ramen.

You can either choose between thick or thin noodles, original or lean meat (lean is popular with the ladies; i know coz i was the cashier!), and a choice of having it with or without garlic. As mentioned earlier, the milky white soup is rich and creamy, served with springy noodles, and topped with slices of pork and an egg. To finish it off, a sprinkle of sesame seeds and a sheet of crisp seaweed.

Love the soft-boiled eggs!

With an additional $3, you will get three pan-fried gyozas and free flow of drink!

The design and layout of the restaurant makes it a good place for a catch-up session with a friend. The restaurant is snuggled in the corner of Velocity, and although it’s packed during lunch hours, come the less busy periods, it’s a perfect place to sit down and have a hot bowl of ramen, and chat away with your friend over a cup of hot green tea, or simply access the free wifi to finish off that piece of work that should have been done the previous night.

And if you’re wondering what the wall of pictures is, it’s actually a wall of fame for all the customers that have managed to complete the Ramen Monster challenge, that is to eat a really huge bowl of their signature ramen. So if you really love their ramen, i suggest you go for the XXL upsize to satisfy your monster appetite!

Address: 238 Thomson Road, #01-53 Velocity @ Novena Square

Opening Hours: 11.45am – 9.30pm


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