Chicken Olympians Taste better: Kampong Chicken Rice

I’ve come to the conclusion that if you want a really tasty chicken, you’d have to let it run around in the field chasing its own tail feather rather than stuff it in a cage, and then further stuff it with food to fatten it. The chickens served at Kampong Chicken Rice must have ran many laps around its kampong to achieve it level of succulence!

On the whole, the chickens just look different. They’re not big. Instead, they look skinnier, like athlete chickens rather than couch potato chickens. The skin is a popcorn-yellow rather than the classic pastel white. I’d like to imagine that i’m eating a different breed of chicken there, lest we’d all have to face the terrible truth that the chickens we’ve been eating are not the natural thing, and that if you want natural, Kampong Chicken is the only place to go D: I hope not!

Haha enough of my nonsense and back to the review. As mentioned earlier, the chicken served here is really succulent and tasty. There’s so much flavour packed in every slice . The soup is good and so is the rice.

Sure, the chicken isn’t as big and fat, and you don’t get as much meat as compared to a ‘normal’ chicken. But hey, then let me tell you this – ORDER MORE CHICKEN THEN ^^

Address: 255 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore

Opening Hours: 10.30am – 9.30pm daily


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