The Anatomy of a good Curry Puff: AMK Curry Puff

I’ve walked pass 28 Coffee Shop several times but it’s only recently that the big green sign with ‘AMK CURRY PUFF’ on it caught my attention. And it’s only after taking a bite out of one of their curry puffs that i began to ask myself – WHAT HAVE I BEEN MISSING ALL THESE YEARS!

Well to my relief, i haven’t been missing out much for the stall only shifted here for about a year, after having served their delectable curry puffs for a long 33 years at Ang Mo Kio. That explains the stall name despite being located in the heartland of Toa Payoh.

It’s difficult to find good curry puffs these days. I’m not surprised that if i ask for a friend to get me curry puffs, instinct will naturally bring him to one of those famous franchises to get some.

But that’s not what i want. I want a curry puff that’s worthy of the name of the dish. The ‘curry’ filling has to have that perfect marriage between spices, potato, chicken and egg, in order to give the filling the right texture and tingle to your taste buds. The ‘puff’ has to be crispy, but not too oily, and the thickness has to be just right to hold the filling in, without exposing its contents while being deep-fried, but easy to chew on to reach the tasty filling once ready.

The uncle at AMK Curry Puff was really friendly and he showed me around the stall and gave me a glimpse of the magic behind his curry puffs. Every thing about the curry puff is prepared by hand. The filling to the skin, everything is prepared by them. There’s no fancy machine to churn out the skin. Instead, they stick to the good old tradition of using a rolling-pin to roll out the ideal thickness of skin, before making round cut-outs for each puff. And that’s also the secret to the crispy puffs. When it’s prepared by hand, the oil in the dough doesn’t get expelled out, unlike how machines tend to press the dough dry.

After the skin is prepared, it’s stacked into layers for the friendly auntie to wrap the delicious filling up with the skin.

I’m supposing the right amount of filling is important too. Too much of it and you’ll get a fat curry puff ready to explode in the deep fry. It also takes a set of nimble fingers like hers to creat those beautiful pleats for each curry puff!

The last step – the deep fry! You know when they’re ready when you see the metal casket emerge with a warm glow of golden curry puffs, with a slight criss-cross pattern edged into their skin after being pressed on the sides of the metal casket.

So if you’re in Toa Payoh next time, make sure you grab some curry puffs from AMK Curry Puff! I can guarantee you won’t stop at one! I had three! XD

Address: Blk 184 Toa Payoh Central, #01-372 Singapore 310183 (Inside Super 28 Coffee Shop)

Opening Hours: 10am – 9pm daily


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