The best thing to eat at Plaza Sing: Riverside Indonesian BBQ

Personally, I’d rather sweat it out at a hawker centre than eat at a food court. I’d like to think of food courts as air-conditioned hawker centres, but in truth, you don’t normally get food that’s as good at food courts.

But every time I’m at Plaza Sing, the food court is the only place I go to. And I go there only for a plate of BBQ Chicken rice at Riverside Indonesian BBQ.

Sometimes I feel as though everyone at the Plaza Sing food court is just like me, there only for the BBQ Chicken rice. You’ll find at least one person eating from the stall at every table! Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but seriously, at least half the people at the food court eats from the stall!

There are many other similar stalls in the other Kopitiam food court chain, but none compares to the original. Here, you get a plate of perfectly grilled chicken thigh, dosed in their trademark black and sweet BBQ sauce, and served with steamed rice with a splash of curry, egg and soup as a side, and if you so wish, some lightly boiled cabbages to give a crunch.

The fried chicken thigh and grilled cuttle fish are other favourites of the crowd. The breading is thin and it gives a nice crisp to the chicken, while the cuttle fish is grilled to tenderness, then dipped in the black BBQ sauce too.

So next time you’re at Plaza Sing, do as the Plaza Singers do, eat at Riverside Indonesian BBQ! HAHA!



Address: 68 Orchard Road, Level 6 Kopitiam Food Court Plaza Singapura

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm



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