Food for a Cause: Professor Brawn Cafe

As I flipped through the menu which was disguised as a book, I couldn’t help but feel that I was in the quarters of a real professor. At Professor Brawn Cafe, you feel like you’ve been invited by a professor living in a British style mansion, with shelves of thick books, and an occasional chalk drawing on the walls that gave you a glimpse of the genius that resided in him. Love the ambience!

Professor Brawn Cafe is a social enterprise, aimed at providing the opportunity for the special needs community to showcase their diverse strengths and capabilities. It’s a noble cause, and I believe that the success of the cafe is the result of the group talented and motivated individuals that have been brought together.The food served here is really good! I love their signature fish and chips in particular. The salad is well dressed and savoury while the fries are nice and fluffy on the inside. The fish is the star factor of the dish. You can be guaranteed that beneath the crispy exterior of the breaded fish, is a thick slice of pearly white cod-fish that retains its softness and flavour. Fish and chips can go so wrong when you have either too much breading, or too little fish. At Professor Brawn Cafe, they’ve got the winning formula for a scrumptuous plate of fish and chips!


#02-78/79 Novena Square,
238 Thomson Road Singapore 307683

Opening Hours: 11.30am to 930pm Mon to Sun



3 responses to “Food for a Cause: Professor Brawn Cafe

  1. The food here is good …service was the concept..I love everything about professor brawn cafe..

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