Eating Laksa with only a spoon!: Khoon’s Katong Laksa & Seafood Soup

I haven’t Laksa for a long time, ever since that one time I got food poisoning from a bowl of Laksa haha. It’s time I face my fears haha!

At Khoon’s Katong Laksa & Seafood Soup, the Laksa broth is creamy but not too thick, and I’m glad that they didn’t add too much coconut milk. At some places, they add so much that it overpowers the flavour of the spices and seafood. I can still distinctively taste the richness of the flavours from the cockles and prawns, as well as the chopped up curry leaves.

What’s special here is that you don’t get chopsticks to eat your bowl of Laksa, only a spoon. That’s the way Katong Laksa should be eaten. Typically, Katong style Laksa is supposed to be eaten only with a spoon, owing to the fact that the noodles have been snipped into short strands and can be easily scooped.

Something random- Do you know what Katong means in Malay? It’s actually the name of an exotic species of now extinct sea turtle(: HAHA! No worries, the broth isn’t made from turtle! The name of the dish originated from the place Tanjong Katong, Tanjong meaning cape. Tanjong Katong was a beach along East Coast, and I suppose this variant of Laksa originated from this place!

Address:590 Upper Thomson Road
#01-26 Sembawang Hill Food Centre S574419

Opening Hours:

Tue.-Sun. 10:00-20:00
Closed on Mon


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