The best of Hot and Cold Desserts: Cola Cold Hot Dessert

Desserts are a must have for me after every meal. Perhaps it’s just an excuse for me to eat more after a main course…hmmm…well it’s always good to end your meal with something sweet!

Pulut Terigu

At a hawker centre, go for the traditional hawker desserts! There are typically two categories to choose from, hot or cold desserts. The cold ones are usually just shaved ice with varying types of toppings and syrups. The Ice Kachang is probably the best example. Personally, I prefer the hot desserts, which are usually soups of boiled grains or beans. My favourites from Cola Cold Hot Dessert are the Tau Suan (mung beans), Pulut Terigu (wheat) and Pulut Hitam (black rice).

Tau Suan

For all three desserts, the base of the dessert is just the right consistency, not too runny or too thick. There’s a good balance of the base and the beans or grains too, which i thin is really important. In some cases, you either get too much of either, which spoils the whole dessert. And let’s not forget the standard toppings; snipped you tiao for Tau Suan, and a good swirl of coconut milk for Pulut Hitam and Teringu.



Address: Whampoa Makan Place, Blk 90, Whampoa Drive, #01-58

Opening Hours: to be updated


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