Quality in every bite: The Hand Burger

From the same group that brought you The Soup Spoon, comes a restaurant chain that serves up platters of quality gourmet burgers, The Hand Burger. From the bun to the patty, every portion of the burger is quality-ensured. At the 313 Somerset outlet, you can even get a glimpse of how the buns are freshly made from the oven. There are in total 5 kinds of buns- Honey Wholewheat, Spinach and Parmesan, Rustic Cornmeal, Caramalised Onion and Sundried Tomato with Olives. Reminds me of Subway and how you get a choice of buns haha!

They claim the cows to be grass-fed, making the beef a healthier choice as it’s packed with more nutrients than fats. To be honest, i haven’t eaten enough beef to tell!

At The Hand Burger, i’ve so far only gone for the 10.80 set meals which i find very worth the cost. You’ll first get a very cute wooden tray with cut outs to dictate where your utensils, burger as well as your sides will go. You get to choose between two sides; fries or caesar salad. Both are equally delicious, although i prefer the salad. The fries are lightly peppered with red specks of chilli powder. Apart from the sides, you get a large cup of ice lemon tea too.

I’ve tried two burgers so far, namely the Chicken Caesar and the Handburger Original. Both are really good. The chicken in the Chicken Caesar is tender, sandwiched between Sundried Tomato with Olives Buns, and topped with mushrooms and mozzarella and a special caesar dressing adds a sweetness to the crisp lettuce and tomatoes. As for the Handburger Original, the beef patty is really juicy and the special sweet onion jam is able to accentuate the flavours of the beef.

Chicken Caesar

Handburger Original

One thing to note though. It’s virtually impossible for you to take a bite from the burger because it’s so packed with layers of meat and veges. Their so packed that you can sometimes find a special black stick used to pin down all the layers of goodness! My suggestion, slices it up into bite size pieces, and maybe make a swap with your friend next to you. That way, you get to sample the other awesome flavours from the array of gourmet burgers.

Address: 313 @ Somerset B2-7/18/19 Singapore 238895

Opening Hours: 

Sun – Thur : 11:30am – 10pm

Fri & Sat   : 11:30am – 10:30pm

Website: http://www.thehandburger.com/


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