This is kinda random, but this is a post on the versatility of eggs and how it can be appreciated in its various forms of preparation! One simple egg, so many different ways to eat it! Here are my 5 top picks, in no particular order of preference!


Tamagoyaki is a form of Japanese omelette, eaten on its own, but i’m sure you’ve seen this while eating sushi! It’s prepared in a very unique way, which essentially involves cooking and folding the egg into multiple layers, using a rectangular frying pan, the get that classic rectangular block of bright yellow egg we’re all familiar with.


Chawanmushi literally means tea cup steam. Now i’m not sure if Chawanmushi is actually steamed with tea, or perhaps the name came from the fact that it’s usually served in a tea cup. What i love about Chawanmushi compared to normal steam egg is that Chawanmushi is softer in texture. Also, it is usually prepared with mushrooms, ginko nuts and bits of sea food.


And yet another Japanese style of preparation! Haha. I have to admit i love Japanese food in general, and also the ways the prepare their eggs! The Japanese have mastered the art of cooking the egg such the yolk is semi cooked, resulting in a somewhat molten yellow core that oozes out upon the split. It’s usually eaten with ramen, although there was this once i tried making it to go with my bowl of maggi mee. It was quite a success…after like what seemed like a hundred eggs!

my version ^^


This is something you can get at any coffee shop, though to varying quality of course. It’s all about timing. If done correctly, the egg white will be white yet runny, and the yolks cooked to a deep yellow but not to the point of hardness. Add some pepper and a dribble of black sauce, mix them up and you’re ready for a slurping good time!


This is probably one of the most classic ways i’ve eaten my eggs since childhood. I love the way my grandma prepares it; she’d usually add fish paste into the egg, giving it a unique sweetness to the saltiness of the egg. Alternatively, she would sometimes prepare it with chai poh (salted raddish), which goes perfectly with a bowl of hot porridge. (:

What’s your favourite way of eating your eggs? (: I’m eggcited to know!!


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