The Hokkien Mee i grew up eating: Qin Li Chao Xia Mian

There’s something very old-school when you can still see strands of noodles drooping at the edge of the plate. It’s a testament to the fact that your hot meal was freshly scooped out of the wok with the plate itself. I’ve watched the uncle at Qin Li Chao Xia Mian prepare his hokkien mee since i was a wee little boy and i’ve learnt to know when my order is coming. He’ll start off by pulling and pinching off a bunch of noodles and bee hoon from  the main pile, toss it in the wok, and toss it around before adding eggs and the broth. You know you’re mid way through the wait when the prawns and sotong goes in. When he picks up a plate and give it a quick wipe with a towel, you know he’s about to make THE SCOOP.

The stall doesn’t get as many patrons as the other hokkien mee stalls in the market, perhaps because it’s situated right beside the toilet. But that doesn’t bother me.  i love eating here because the uncle uses thin bee hoon instead of the usual thick bee hoon. If you notice, most hokkien mee makes use of the thicker version of bee hoon, the ones you’ll find in a bowl of laksa. Over here, the combination of thin bee hoon and noodles makes each mouthful so much smoother and silkier. I think the thin bee hoon is better able to hold the sauce together because of the increase surface area. This sounds so sciency haha.

Of course, a good indicator of how good a plate of hokkien mee is depends on the chilli sauce too. The chilli sauce here isn’t too spicy, but it’s enough to give you a kick without you perspiring like a mad dog.

Overall i’d give the uncle a double thumbs up! One for great culinary skills, and the other for cooking for me since i was a little boy.



Address: Blk 90 Whampoa Drive, #01-50 Whampoa Drive Makan Place S320090


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