The Blackest Curry around: Mr. Curry

I’m a big fan of japanese curry. It’s really more of a sweet and mildly spicy gravy rather than the typical Indian curry you’re thinking of. I’m pretty sure there isn’t coconut milk in Japanese curry, which is one of the major distinguishing factors. Curry was first introduced to the Land of the Rising Sun by the British, back in the days when spices were being exported out of India, one of their colonies. Since then, the curry has been through several adaptations to suit Japanese taste, and it is still very popular among the Japanese. It’s popularity has spread to other Asian countries as well. I recall eating Japanese curry in South Korea too!

When you first enter Mr Curry, you’re greeted by the usual japanese welcome greet, as well as a giant cuddly Mr Curry doll, with its arms wide open, ready to embrace you with curry goodness. Typically, japanese curry is served with chicken, beef or pork, either in a stew form, or as a side to be draped over deep-fried katsu (pork cutlet). I decided to go for something  traditional, Katsu Curry. But then i decided to go for an added twist to it haha.

At Mr Curry, you’re given the option to not only adjust the spicy level of your curry, but also the type of curry you wish to have. You can choose between the traditional curry, or  creamy curry (more milk), or the red curry (tomato sauce in it i think) the seafood curry. I went for the super spicy and seafood curry combo, and i found out later that the reason why my curry turned out so black was because of the squid ink mixed into it. Squid ink! That’s seafood fo you! As for the Katsu, nothing special about it. Just a very normal piece of deep-fried pork. But if you’re into the curry, Mr Curry is a good place to go for a very personalised customization of your curry.

Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard #02-138B Marina Square Centrestage 039594

Opening Hours: 11:30am – 11pm (Last Order 10:00pm)



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