BREADCRUMBS #1 Happy 100th Oreo!

Did you know it’s Oreo’s 100th Aniversary this year?! Every bite of the cookie equates to a century worth of history T.T WOW

The person who came up with the idea of dipping oreo in milk is a genius! I love the way the cookie just crumbles in your mouth after soaking up the milk. Haha i recall watching a show that conducted an experiment to determine the most ideal amount of time to leave a cookie in liquid such that it reaches a level of sogginess without crumbling and disintegrating into the liquid. It’s a pity we can’t gain access to milk in the army! Some people substitute milk with soybean milk and i suppose that works too!

To think there are so many flavoured cream fillings now! Peanut butter and chocolate, chocolate, blueberry icecream…the original is still my favourite! And the latest addition to the family is the golden oreo! I was kinda taken aback when i realised that the biscuit wasn’t exactly gold Haha. It’s just light brown in colour Haha. Great marketing technique nonetheless!

I guess the second best thing to eating oreo with milk is eating it with icecream! Cookies and cream is still the top flavour! I tried making cookies and cream icecream once. Figured the best timing to add the cookies is not at the start when the icecream is still in its liquid form, but near the end when the icecream is nearly solidifying, so that the cookie doesn’t disintegrate!

I have no idea how the name Oreo came about; tried doing research but to no avail! Two theories though! The first being the two ‘O’s represent the two cookies, and the ‘RE’ in between the ‘O’s represent the cream. The second is that the name came from the Greek word Orexin, which also means appetite inducing, the antonym for anorexin. Appetite inducing indeed!

Here’s a funny add for the origin of the name Haha

While we’re on the topic of cookies, did you know Cookie Monster’s second favourite cookie is an oatmeal cookie? Hahaha and of course the first is the Chocolate chip cookie. I wonder if he enjoys eating oreo cookies!


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