Drowning in Gravy: 咖喱饭

When i go for breakfast at the Whampoa Hawker Centre, i usually stick to two options. 1) bee hoon with luncheon meat and egg or 2) Curry rice. And it’s usually without much hesitation that i go for the latter option.

Allow me to give you a quick guide as to how to find the stall. First step- find the stall with the longest queue. Step two- ensure that the queue eventually leads to a stall with a big sign board that says “咖喱饭”. That easy.

Don’t worry about the queue. They’re really efficient in taking orders and serving up the plates of hot dishes. It’s really fast-moving and before you know it, it’ll be your turn to place an order!

There are three things that i always order along with rice, and i recommend these three dishes too if you’re a first timer. Anyway, i believe that when you eat curry rice, there are always three things you must try; the stewed cabbage, the braised pork belly and the deep-fried pork chop. Just a note, it’ll be great if you ask for them to separate the dishes, rather than pile them all on one plate. That way you

can taste each dish and appreciate their flavours separately.

Let’s start with the stewed cabbage. I have no idea how long they boil their cabbages but they end up being so soft and pleasant to eat, especially when it’s just the morning and you don’t want to be overworking those jaws on under-cooked cabbages. In addition, there’s a sweetness to the stewed cabbage that makes it all the more delectable. You’d sometimes get black fungus along with it, which provides that springy crunch to the dish.

Ah.. the braised pork belly. These belly slices look almost like marble slabs, except with fats chiseled into the layers of tender meat. The meat is very tender and sweet, and you can literally say that the fat just melts in your mouth when you eat it.

And lastly, the pork chop. It’s very thinly sliced, lightly peppered and then deep-fried, before being drenched in the sweet sauce. Much of the flavour of the sauce comes from, i believe, the caramalised onions and tomatoes. It always makes me wonder why you see people deep-frying food, and then drench it with sauce which takes away the crispness. I’ve come up with a theory. Perhaps, the deep-frying isn’t so much a process of making the pork chop crispy, but more so to create a layer of flour that envelopes the pork slices. And i think this layer of flour is better able to absorb the flavours of the sauce than a naked piece of pork slice. Makes sense?  Haha

And i think the last and most important thing i wanna talk about is the curry. Don’t be surprised when they totally drench your rice with curry. It’s perfectly normal. You don’t have to worry about your rice becoming uber soggy coz it seems they have also taken that into consideration and made the rice rather dry to make up for the curry overdose. Unlike the typical curry, the curry here has a very mild flavour to it. It’s not exactly spicy. More of a gravy i’d say. But overall, i think that it’s a great way to start the day with curry rice from 咖喱饭; the flavours aren’t too strong but delicious enough to kick start your morning and dormant taste buds for next two meals in the day (:

Address:  Blk 91 Whampoa Drive, #01-13 Whampoa Drive Makan Place S320091


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